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  • Probably a week or so depending on how much time I can get off of work. Also thanks a bunch for the suggestions, I will definitely look out for madosh! because I love trying out foreign cuisine.
    Oh sweet, well in any event I've never been to Tokyo and I'm sure that my friend can show me around because she's been there before, but we don't have any ideas for hotel rooms atm because last time she went her dad paid for a high quality hotel (which is out of question in terms of budgeting).
    iirc, you've been to Japan recently. Did you by chance stop in Tokyo during your stay there? If so do you have any suggestions or tips for me as to where to stay and any sites to see? I plan on going there sometime in June.
    My favorite avatar of yours was one where a large arch-like square was superimposed in front of what appeared to be a mountain or butte in a desert. That made me think of some perspective lessons I had when I took an art class in elementary / primary (I don't know what to call it) school.
    Holy crap Glen sorry I haven't been on Smogon in forever.

    I'm still living in Japan-- if you like art, the Seto uchi art festival is starting up soon and you could stay at my place if you like. Or I'll make my way over to Tokyo during Golden Week!
    Well, at long last (I was watching other stuff ok) I saw Gummo...I'm not too sure what to think about it, and yes that bathroom scene was horrible to watch.

    Overall I think it really was something great, one of the better experimental films I've seen, but I'll need to give it some thought.

    I saw La Jetee, 1962 short French film, which was also an experimental-Sci-Fi film. I'd recommend that to you; it's on Youtube w/ subtitles, and it's only like 26 minutes.
    oh wow i think the fired teacher thread might actually be getting somewhere
    I know this is a random question but how is life in Tokyo? I plan on moving there once I am out of high school, I couldnt help but ask...
    i must be thinking of the wrong thing when you say "working for monsanto"
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